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Jewish Quarter

Judiarias (Jewish quarters) were created by laws decreed by some Portuguese kings, who wanted the Jews to live in separated Ghettos.$nbsp;

In the 14th century, king Pedro I granted to Master Loureço, his doctor and probably a Jew, land in Castelo de Vide. Some documents from the 15th century confirm the existence of a Jewish community in the town.

In Castelo de Vide the Jewish quarter developed in the east slope. Although the area has an irregular relief, the quarter was crossed by one of the most important communication roads with the $nbsp;castle. There are some material remains of the Jewish presence in Castelo de Vide, among them the building where we think once was the Medieval Synagogue. Other buildings in Rua da Judiaria, Rua da Fonte or in "Ruinha" da Judiaria show what is left from the millenary Jewish tradition of marking their faith in door-posts.

The establishment of the inquisition and the Edict of Expulsion of the Jews from Spain by Ferdinand and Isabella, The Catholic Kings, contributed to the enlargement of the Jewish quarter of Castelo de Vide. The name of several streets keep alive the testimony of the Jewish presence as well the presecution from the inquisition to the New Christians (TN: Jews converted to Catholicism).