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The Town Fountain (Fonte da Vila)

Classified as a national monument since 1953, it is the town's emblematic landmark. It is of particular value not just on its own $nbsp;but also due to its architectural surroundings.$nbsp;

It is situated in Largo Dr. Frederico Laranjo.$nbsp;

This fountain ? built in the 16th century, during the reign of king João III - formed the centre of development of the surrounding streets. It is possible that it was built over different periods, beginning as just a spring, then transformed as a simple fountain for drinking water, then rebuilt in the 16th century as the current monument.

The rectangular basin $nbsp;is composed of vertical granite stones. Six marble columns support a pyramidal roof topped with a pine cone. Within this structure is a disc-shaped body with four symmetric taps. Mounted on this is a stone plate decorated with the coats of arms of Portugal and of Castelo de Vide and figures of two children. This ensemble is also topped by an acanthus flower or $nbsp;tulip. Next to it is another rectangular basin which served as a trough for donkeys, mules and horses.