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It is not clear when the synagogue was founded, but a Jewish quarter existed already in the 14th $nbsp;century in Castelo de Vide, composed by a some houses at the botton of the castle nearby the main entrance.

The synagogue is situated in Rua da Judiaria / Rua da Fonte, the building is orientated east/ west. It $nbsp;is composed by one area with two floors. Commonly called $nbsp;Sinagoga, the real name is BEIT-HA-MIDRASCH-SEFARDIN.

In the room intended to the cult is a tabernacle with holes for the lamps with Sacred Oil, at the right side is a support for Holy Scripture with seven balls on the plinth, representing the six days in which God created the World and the last one symbolizes the last day, the day for resting. In the 18th $nbsp;century the building became a residence. In 1972 it was rebuild according to the primitive trace.

Beside the door to the first floor there is a little opening called the sign of the MEZUZAH, Hebrew word meaning door jambs.

In this opening was kept a holder with a little parchment where were written some words of the SHEMA, the most important prayer of the Jewish cult. All the doors are gothic with imposts and sharp edges, logs and flutes.

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