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The Castle

The medieval town-walls were built and destroyed several times during the 13th century, a result of conflict of interests between local lords and the king, who, living at a distance, was generally supported by the local population. The castle, erected by order of Dinis, king of Portugal, was completed during the reign of his son $nbsp;Afonso IV $nbsp;in 1327. $nbsp;From then on the town Vide was called Castelo de Vide.

The basic materials used in the construction of the stronghold are stone (quartzite and granite), brick, lime mortar and earth.

The main tower remained a long time unoccupied following the explosion that destroyed it in 1705, during the Spanish occupation. Further damage ensued during the earthquake of 1755.$nbsp;

Various attempts at repair of the main tower were made, culminating with a complete rebuild in 1978.$nbsp;

The Castle is protected as a National Monument since 1910.