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Archeology Department

Prof. Diamantino Sanches Trindade knew many archeological remains and in what conditions they were and were handled. He was, in 1975, one of the co-operators responsible for the municipal Archeological Chart of Castelo de Vide and alerted the Municipality for the compelling necessity of a department to study, divulge and preserve the testimonies of the human presence in Castelo de Vide. The local Municipality together with Instituto da Juventude (Portuguese Institute of Youth) during a Council's school holiday program built the foundations that led to the creation of the Archeological Group of Castelo de Vide.$nbsp;

After some accomplished studies, but not yet published and a cataloged collection constantly in need for cleaning and sometimes restoration, the archeological department keeps current its initial goal $nbsp;- $nbsp; bring to knowledge the history of those who once lived or crossed by the land that became Castelo de Vide ? also through continuous contact with schools and the exhibitions over archeology. $nbsp;Thanks to their activity some researchers got interested in this region.